In order to cater for the greatly increased needs of the various production facilities for industrial steam and electrical power, ZAHARNI ZAVODI built its own Thermo Electric Power Station.

Built in 1960, nowadays our Thermo Electric Power Station produces thermal and electric power to cover the needs of ZAHARNI ZAVODI and sells coal, timber and briquettes to external clients.

The electrical output of the Thermo Electric Power Station is 12 MW/h, while the thermal one is 83 MW/h.
ZAHARNI ZAVODI's Thermo Electric Power Station disposes of a total of 110 t/h of steam power and 12 MW/h of total electric power. The station operates on coal and has one 75 t/h capacity boiler and another one with capacity 35 t/h. The steam generators have a U-shaped construction, vertical pipe, of the single drum type. They are designed for burning high coal with a direct burning scheme. They are designed to burn highly volatile coal with a direct burning scheme.
ZAHARNI ZAVODI's Thermo Electric Power Station has a combined thermal and electric energy production installation. It consists of two power steam generators, connected into a common collector and two anti-pressure turbines, each with an electrical output of 6 MW.

One of the main objectives in the long-term development of the company is preservation of the environment. Working towards fulfilling this objective, an electro-static thermal filter was put into operation in 2008, ensuring a 99.8% dust removal from the exhaust gases from the Thermo Electric Power Station chimney. In that same year, through replacing fuel oil with gas as the station’s ignition fuel, we decreased the harmful emissions with about 9,000 Tons per year. In 2010 this project was recognized by the EBRD (European Bank For Reconstruction And Development) as The Best Economic Indicators Project in the “Energy Efficiency” section.