“Sladea” is the most famous brand of sugar in Bulgaria

06 June '18
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“Sladea” is the most famous brand of sugar in Bulgaria with 95.9% popularity. This is shown by the results of a national representative survey conducted by BluePoint Bulgaria in November 2016. Sladea overtakes its main competitor by 5.1 percentage points. Consumers define it as the Bulgarian quality sugar, with a good presence in the market, suitable for preparing baked goods, sweets and more.


The study identifies Sladea as the more commonly bought sugar brand. Sladea leads to its main competitor on the indicator “Most often bought brand in the last 3 months” by 3.1 percentage points.


“We are proud that our consistent work to develop the brand over the years has delivered its results. In recent years, we have invested considerable resources in product quality, modernization of production processes, marketing and sales development, with sales of the brand Sladea growing by 76% over the last two years,” – said Krassimir Dobrev, Chief Commercial Officer at ZAHARNI ZAVODI JSC.


ZAHARNI ZAVODI is the oldest sugar producer in Bulgaria and produces sugar since 1913. The company is the only producer of sugar cubes in the country and the first producer of brown sugar on the Bulgarian market in 2003. Gorno Oryahovo sugar is a winner of a gold medal from the International Plovdiv Fair in 2003 and 2004 as well as numerous quality certificates. Since 2013, ZAHARNI ZAVODI is the only sugar producer in Bulgaria.


More information can be found at: www.sladea.bg