ZAHARNI ZAVODI with a new management board

06 June '18

A new enlarged management board takes over the leadership of ZAHARNI ZAVODI from 14.11.2017. Its mandate is three years. The decision was taken by the Supervisory Board of the company on 3 November in Gorna Oryahovitsa.


“The election of a new board is a logical step given the expiry of the previous one’s mandate. We take the opportunity to expand the company’s management team with staff with different expertise, “said Georgi Uzunov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company.


Valentina Raleva keeps her position as chairman of the Management Board and Executive Director of ZAHARNI ZAVODI AD. Her presence in the board ensures a smooth transition and continuity in the management of the company. Valentina Raleva has been in the company since 1990. She is a finance graduate, she has gone through all levels of the company – from an operating accountant through a financial director to an executive director. She has been in the Managing Board since 2006 and has been Chief Executive Officer since 2009. Her responsibilities include strategic management, restructuring and human resources development, as well as financial management.


Georgi Sharkov holds the post of a board member. Mechanical engineer by education, he began his career as a mechanic in ZAHARNI ZAVODI in 1982. He traveled through various levels in the company – chief engineer, chief engineer and gained considerable management experience, leading the sugar plant – the company’s core business. Since 2009 he has been Director of Investments and Technical Development of the ZAHARNI ZAVODI group. His expertise includes an in-depth insight into the production and technical capabilities and potential to modernize the company.


Todor Todorov takes the position of a member of the Management Board. An Automated Education Engineer, he joined the ZAHARNI ZAVODI team in 2004. He goes through different levels in the company and has management experience, guiding since 2009 one of the major, export-oriented business of the company – the production of ethyl alcohol and high-protein feed. Todorov is included in the leadership of the ZAHARNI ZAVODI group as an expert in the overall construction, updating and automation of the production processes of the company.


Maya Tsankova is a member of the Management Board. Biotechnologist by education, she joined the QUALITY DEPARTMENT in 2012. Thanks to her precision, dedication and rapid advancement into the specifics of the different productions, she went through the hierarchical levels of the company – from Quality Specialist to Quality Director. Tsankova is in the leadership of the ZAHARNI ZAVODI group as a product and service quality management expert and will support the ambitious goals of the company in implementing new international standards in production management and organization.


Kiril Georgiev is a member of the Management Board. A lawyer by education, he started his career in ZAHARNI ZAVODI as a junior lawyer in 2011, and from 2014 is Chief Legal Adviser of the group. Analytical and purposeful, he successfully protects the interests of the company in practicing both standard legal procedures and specific cases. His competencies include profiled knowledge of commercial, civil and corporate law. Georgiev will support the presentation of ZAHARNI ZAVODI  as a public company registered on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.