ZAHARNI ZAVODI increased its core capital by 33%

06 June '18

ZAHARNI ZAVODI increased its capital by BGN 2.78 mln. The funds are accrued to the company’s Reserve Profit Fund from 2016 and earlier years.


The new core capital of the company is BGN 11.11 million, divided into 11 112 919 million ordinary faceless shares with a nominal value of BGN 1 each. Each share entitles one vote to the General Meeting of Shareholders, the right to a dividend and a liquidation share of the company’s assets.


The new shares of the capital increase are distributed among the shareholders free of charge and in proportion to their participation in the capital up to the increase. Against 3 (three) owned shares each shareholder receives free of charge 1 new share of the capital increase. In the event that the new shares that a shareholder must receive under the preceding sentence are not a whole number, the number of shares that the shareholder receives is rounded up to the nearest integer.


The right to receive the new shares shall have the persons entered in the registers of Central Depository AD until 25.08.2017. Certificates for possession of financial documents, issued by Central Depository JSC  (depository receipts), the shareholders may receive at the central office of ZAHARNI ZAVODI in Gorna Oryahovitsa, Sveti knyaz Boris I str. 29. Contact person: Yovko Ralev.


The company’s capital increase is recorded as follows:


14.09.2017 – Commercial Register

19.09.2017 – Central Depository JSC

20.10.2017 – Financial Supervision Commission

01.11.2017 – Bulgarian Stock Exchange


The average weighted price at which the shares of ZAHARNI ZAVODI are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange from the beginning of 2017 to September 2017 is BGN 6.38. Since the beginning of the year, 118,000 shares have been traded.