ZAHARNI ZAVODI got an entry prospect for a bond issue in Financial Supervision Commission

06 June '18

The Management Board of Zaharni Zavodi JSC adopted final parameters of the bond issue, in compliance with the GMS decision of 11.08.2017.


The issue of convertible bonds in an initial public offering is determined as follows:


Amount of issue: BGN 20,000,000 (twenty million) levs;

Number of securities: 200 000;

Issuing price: 100.00 (one hundred) leva;

The issue will be deemed successful in subscribing 80% of the bonds;

Interest rate of 3% (three percent) per year, fixed, payable at 6 (six) months;

Term of the bond loan 7 (seven) years;

Convertible price 7.143 (seven hundred and forty-three levs);

Convertible bond ratio to share 1: 14 (one to fourteen);

Two Call options, one on the third year and one on the fifth year. Reinvestment premium in the third year 0.5% on the purchased part, in the fifth year 0.25%;

One Put option of the fifth year, which can be exercised 80 (eighty) days before the call option.


The Board of Directors of the company has appointed an Investment Intermediary „Д.И.С.Л. Секюритийс“ JSC.


The Managing Board adopted the prospect for the initial public offering of convertible bonds from Zaharni Zavodi JSC.


The prospect is presented to the Financial Supervision Commission or approval.