More than 150 children took part in a Kids Festival in ZAHARNI ZAVODI

06 June '18

More than 150 children took part in the Children’s Celebration Day in ZAHARNI ZAVODI on 05.06.2017. The festival was organized by the company as a gift for the children, grandchildren and nephews of all the company’s employees.


“I’m very glad to see you all here. You are the children of ZAHARNI ZAVODI, you are our future. I wish you to not stop dreaming and believing in miracles,”, said Valentina Raleva, Chief Executive Officer of ZAHARNI ZAVODI.


The event was held in three stages. In the first one, kids visited their relatives’ workplaces and explored

what a working hour is like.


In the second part a tour of the confectionery factory was made, where children groups saw how to make their favorite jelly sweets, healthy Lukcheta and crunchy wafers.


“Every single person who works here is a knight. Knight because he or she keeps a 100-year-old secret for making candies, wafers, khalva and turkish delight. We will now reveal this secret to you only, because you may be the next knights and wafer knights. With these words, Dimitrina Hristova, production director of Sugar Products Division, welcomes the young guests and introduces them to the world of treats.


A lot of laughter filled the ZAHARNI ZAVODI stadium in the third part of the celebration when all the little guests had much fun, danced, played games and enjoyed inflatable castles and swings.