Employers of Zaharni zavodi gathered 13.5 tons of recycling paper

06 June '18

The campaign is part of the the company’s environmental protection initiatives


In less than a month the employees of ZAHARNI ZAVODI gathered and handed over 13.5 tons of waste paper for recycling. The colossal amount has been gathered in the framework of an internal environmental race between the various units in the company. 30% of the company’s employees took part in the initiative. Their enthusiasm to participate in the noble initiative showed the desire of each of them to lead a more nature-friendly way of life.


“Environmental responsibility, as well as our personal contribution to change, are among the main reasons for the initiative. Over the past 15 years ZAHARNI ZAVODI has invested nearly 30 million leva or 25% of the company’s total invested funds in environmental projects. The main investments are the construction of an electric filter for air purification, construction of a landfill for non-hazardous waste, introduction of an installation for complete processing of the waste product from ethanol production, etc. “, said Valentina Raleva, executive director of Zaharni Zavodi.


The collection of waste paper for recycling is the first stage of the environmental initiative of ZAHARNI ZAVODI. At the second stage, the company plans to buy and plant trees by adding funds of the same value as those from the recycled paper so as to double the amount received. The trees will be planted both within the realm of ZAHARNI ZAVODI plant as well as in the territory of Gorna Oryahovitsa.


Climate change and growing competition are among the major challenges to the development of the green economy. The realization of nature-friendly projects, the introduction of environmentally friendly production processes and the efficient use of resources are a key factor in improving air and water quality, soil protection. The projects and environmental initiatives that ZAHARNI ZAVODI are organizing aim at sustainable change in quality of life through environmental protection.