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Own energy

In order to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for industrial steam and electric power, required by the different production units, in 1960 the company built its own Thermal Power Plant.

The total installed steam generation capacity of the power plant is 140 tonnes of steam per hour and the total installed power generation capacity is 12 MWh. The coal-fired power plant is equipped with one boiler of 75 t/h capacity and one with 35 t/h capacity. The steam generators are “П”-shaped, with vertical water-tubes and single drum, designed to burn coal with high level of volatile substances and direct fired system. Power is generated by two counter-pressure turbo-generator units.

Environment protection is one of the main objectives, set in the long-term company development plan. To achieve that goal, we built and in 2008 commissioned an electrostatic precipitator, capable of filtering 99.8% of the dust particles, contained in flue gases coming out of the boilers. The same year we switched the boilers’ start-up fuel from heavy fuel oil to natural gas and thus reduced the volume of air-polluting emissions by app. 9000 tonnes per year. In 2010 this project received an award from the European bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) as project with best economic indicators in the Energy Efficiency section.

Since 2009 the Power plant operates as an independent company under the name “Thermal power plant – Gorna Oryahovitsa” EAD.