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Our company is a Bulgarian market leader in the sales of hard candies and lokum (also known as Turkish delight) and occupies leading positions in the sales of waffles, marshmallows, toffees and halva.

To claim that many of the products and brands we produce today are well-known is an understatement. “Lukcheta”, “Karamel Mu”, “Limonovi rezanki”, “Chaika” waffles, “Caramel Lakta”, Lokum – the one with the roses and rose-picker pictured on the box – all these products are notorious and dear to the Bulgarian customers and their brand names have become legendary.

Strong brands, well-developed distribution network and solid investment in marketing – these make us a desired partner and supplier of sugar products and sweets.

The Confectionery plant has implemented Quality management system ISO 22000:2005, certified by GL Systems Certification.