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As a result of the continuous improvement of the technological process, long-term experience in sugar production and investment in modern equipment, today our company is a leading Bulgarian producer of sugar.

The white sugar produced by us complies with the European quality standards with max colour of 45 ICUMSA.

The Sugar Refinery is certified by ISACert B.V. and has adopted the Quality Management System ISO 22 000 and IFS. It is the only Bulgarian manifacturer of sugar, which has IFS certificate for sugar production, sale, storage and distrubution. We are an approved supplier to leading international and Bulgarian manufacturers of food and medicine products. The company is the only Bulgarian producer of white and brown sugar cubes.

On the Bulgarian market the product is distributed under “Sladea” trademark. In 2003 and 2004 “Sladea” sugar won gold medals for quality at the Plovdiv International Fair. In 2006 the Sugar refinery became a separate company under the name “Zahar” EAD .